Adidas Turning 60

Three parallel strips. Three stripes that marked the path of a modest German shoemaker but also of many great athletes from various generations throughout the world. The history of Adidas that turned 60 years old in 2009, started when Adi Dassler decided to develop a line of original athletic products that would meet the challenging requirements of athletes that were becoming increasingly competitive.

An innovator and sports enthusiast, that shoe manufacturer from Baviera didn’t imagine that with his three stripes, many great records would be created in sports history; Nadia Comaneci, the jump of the century by the American Athlete Bob Beamon and the Grand Slam by tennis great Stephie Graph just to name a few

Dassler, whose bother founded Puma, was a pioneer in sponsoring star athletes from all sports to promote his brand. His interest and passion for sport were also a central point to his life. He perceived his mission was to help athletes evolve by offering the best product possible for them. Adidas has remained faithful to that mission during six decades and that has made it possible for them to be one of the most recognized brands around the globe.

The current CEO is Erich Stamminger who is currently focusing the company’s efforts on two market segments: Sport Performance and Sport Style while using the slogan “Impossible is Nothing”.

Adidas looks to deepen the link between the brand and its consumers while marketing the brand as a world leader partly through its premium prices. For Stamminger, the same passion for sport which defined the company in the early years is the key to the company’s future. That future path, just like the current slogan, is led by a spirit of nothing is impossible.

As a tribute to their 60 years, the Vespa collection mixes clothing and footwear that reflect different lifestyles with designs that are both classic and pure. Besides a wide variety of shirts, classic jackets, this collection has various noteworthy shoes. One of them was actually inspired by the Vespa Gran Lusso from the 1950’s with details that were used from that nostalgic scooter.